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PaparizouForum "Rebirth"

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PaparizouForum "Rebirth"

Postby ChrisKar » Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:27 pm

Hey Survivors and members of this forum!
As we all know PaparizouForum is the official international forum which consists of Helena's fan club from around the world. The forum was invented in 2006 and until now it counts 13 years of life. Until 2009 it was hosted on Paparizou Place Forum site but in 2013/2014 it was updated and meliorated in current form.
With this announcement i want to voice some complaints. Recent years, admins themselves and essential members like Derek for example seema that they have given up as long as they dont participate anymore as well as many other members either greek or foreign. The visit of the forum has fallen down dramatically and there are days that only me or Akos are online. This is sad. On the other hand, okay i understand many difficulties or situations that dont allowed fans enter here such as personal busy time or obligations. Or even general Social Media (Facebook, Instagram) from which people use daily and can get informed about Helena's News there. But lets not forget guys the target and the aim of this Forum existence. I have thought many times to eliminate myself from here due to lack of members' participation. Think that only here we can find all Helena's very rare photo material since 1999 and Antique era. We can enjoy and reminisce special videos, to join free opinions on POLLS, to inform about latest News and whatever else. its a pitty let this place to die!

Thats why i do the beggining and please if you love and support Helena repost this message to all fan club out there so to manage again the PF'S "rebirth"!

I am nothing more than a just simple member.

Thank You,

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One Life (2014)
Zoi Mou

Re: PaparizouForum "Rebirth"

Postby Akos Kirsch » Thu Mar 21, 2019 7:41 pm

Social media had a huge impact in this Chris sadly :S
You can see this on every forum actually.
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Akos Kirsch
King of Elenada
King of Elenada
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