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The story so far...

Paparizou Forum has a long history, and it's famous for its Projects! Find them out here!

The story so far...

Postby Mart! » Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:21 pm

Paparizou Forum is Helena Paparizou's International Fan Club!

In the year 2006...

Our community was created on August 24th 2006 by John from the UK. On July 11th 2009 we moved to a new host, and in the early 2014 we created our own website and community. You can now find us on

Paparizou Forum was the name given to us by Helena herself (always forgetting the "Place" part), so we decided to change it from PaparizouPlaceForum in 2009, after three years of use!

In November 2015, we can boast a total of 1400 members, nearly 6000 discussion topics and 200,000 posts between us. This is a place where you can talk about your day but also have a really in depth debate in an environment where you will not be judged by our open and accepting community.

Our Mission...

We see ourselves as an independent, international fan community and want to unite all of Helena's fans from all around the world by giving them the place to talk about anything, if not everything, Paparizou and by giving them information and media exclusively provided by us. Everyone is welcome here. We are inclusive of everyone.

Our Forum has always prided itself on its vast media collection, of videos and photos. Most media that has been uploaded previously can be found either untagged or with the tag of Paparizou Place, our former Forum name.

In Action!

The members of Paparizou Forum have been most creative regarding Helena in the last few years. So we created the very popular slogan "Keep Paparizouing!" (created by John from the US).

We have released calendars and translated many interviews from all languages to English so everyone will be able to understand Helena. All of these interviews, along with concert and album reviews, exclusive artworks and texts, were released in our "Paparicious Magazine", firstly published online in January 2008. [Get the latest edition of the Fanbook!]

In November 2008, even Star Channel used a Paparizou forum recording in their news - Paparizou Forum was the only community having recorded Elena's rare interview in the US show 25 sexiest Pop Diva from US channel E! Entertainment.

In March 2013, Paparizou Forum collaborated with MTV Greece, for the production of a tribute video for Helena, which aired hourly on the channel for a week. Paparizou Forum gathered the most important and interesting facts about Helena's career, and also handed some rare material, helping MTV organizing the video! In the video some facts regarding our forum were kindly included, proving Helena's impact internationally! [Watch the video, Subtitled]

In September 2013, we held a Save Me (This is an S.O.S) tribute weekend over on our Facebook page and Helena's official FB page and Lionheart's FB page (Helena's record label in Sweden) posted Paparizou Forum's banner made by Panagiotis with information compiled by Derek.

In April 2015, Paparizou Forum was recognized as Helena's official fan club along with HelenaPaparizouClub, by Helena herself and her labels Minos EMI & Capitol Music Group Sweden!
Helena's desire is that both fan clubs work together as one, without none of them losing its unique identity which has developed in the past years. Paparizou Forum still works as it used to, and the team's point of view about how this place should be administered has NOT changed.

In May 2015, to mark 10 years since Helena's victory at the 50th Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev (Ukraine), the administration team of Paparizou Forum created a video featuring rare material from its archives that includes footage from the preparation for Eurovision (promo tour), from Kiev, and footage from the post-Eurovision era.
Helena herself has praised Paparizou Forum and its members for their #10YearsMyNumberOne video. She took to social media to thank Paparizou Forum team for all of their hard work.

These are all proof of Paparizou Forum's ever increasing popularity.

Get Started!
Say Hi over in our Welcome section. We don't bite :)

Before posting on our forum please check out our Guidelines Guidelines, because Paparizou Forum doesn't accept any illegal filesharing - we always respect Helena's work.

Follow us, let's be together!
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Keep Paparizouing!
Your Paparizou Forum
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Re: The story so far...

Postby Akos Kirsch » Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:10 pm

Well done everybody! :papa:
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Re: The story so far...

Postby SurvivorFan » Tue May 30, 2017 2:55 pm

:clap: :clap: :clap: :papa: :we1:

Keep Paparizouing..!!! We've got the P.N.A !

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