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Re: SAN KAI SENA - Competition! Win great prizes - magazines, Heroes CD single, books & more!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:55 pm
by Panagiotis
Tedy wrote:So interesting from 23 oct-15 dec is not enough time?
it was Tedy, but school kept me (and maybe other members) away from here. I 've even missed some days from school so I can study for hard tests... So now that's almost holidays...

Re: SAN KAI SENA - Competition! Win great prizes - magazines, Heroes CD single, books & more!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 7:58 pm
by Rebi-on-the-Roof
AlexPz wrote:
Panagiotis wrote:Maybe if you could give any extension so we could have time to make it until 31/12 it would help.
I agree with you. This would be good because we would have time to think of good ideas.

Image for 3 entries more, even if? no - the people who participated so far will get their present and that's it. there was enough time.

it's a general problem about competitions on this forum. the maximum number of people ever participating in a competition was 8 people (that 20 question super fan test).

Re: SAN KAI SENA - Competition! Win great prizes - magazines, Heroes CD single, books & more!

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 8:00 pm
by Panagiotis
Actually I wouldn't accept any present, because I have all that stuff, maybe the book, and that if nobody wanted it, in case I won...

but it's you choice...

Re: SAN KAI SENA - Competition! Win great prizes - magazines

PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 8:09 pm
by Rebi-on-the-Roof
Panagiotis wrote:I just had a shower. Sh*t. I so want to paint my finger right now. Reb you made me become obsessed with that.

Couldnt we do such thing again without competiton? Everyone was so euphoric about it :lol:

Re: SAN KAI SENA - Competition! Win great prizes - magazines

PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 8:33 pm
by Akos Kirsch
I'm in. It was funny.

Re: SAN KAI SENA - Competition! Win great prizes - magazines

PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:40 pm
by SurvivorFan
I want too.

Re: SAN KAI SENA - Competition! Win great prizes - magazines

PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:21 am
by Rebi-on-the-Roof

Here are the adjusted previous rules - please note that this is NOT a competition, just for fun!

Rebi-on-the-Roof wrote:Hey what about an Elena-look-alike-contest, "san ke sena"? But not with yourself, but with your finger! Image


1. you have all creative freedom you need, it's your choice how to create face, hair and clothing. You can also choose/add a creative background or surrounding.
a) the item you decorate as Helena has to be one of your fingers (you can, alternatively, also dress someone else's finger if that's easier for you)
b) what you are not allowed to do is to take a full body pic of helena and stick it at your finger -this would be boring and wouldn't include any own ideas. Everyone knows that the competition is about your finger, so it's natural that "Helena's body" will somehow look like your finger, still, at the end. It's completely your choice though how to create her face, hair etc.

2. you can send in as many photos as you want.
3. you might use photoshop to edit the final photo* - please, when sending your entry, give the following information: 1. photo has not been edited digitally (setting contrast/brightness, sharpen the pic and optimizing colours is within this category)/ 2. photo has been taken of my actually decorated finger but I have attached/removed/changed several things by a photo editing program/ 3. most of the work has been created digitally - this will make sure to judge everyone in a fair way and to make the entries comparable. I might create different categories for winning at the end.
4. each photo sent in should be at least 1000x1000 pxl.
5. of course: no entry should be offensive in any way and any entry should always respect the artist
6. post your entry in this thread - all entries will be published later in the main post or with credits to you on other pages, and might be included to any future pdf-document.

* if you want to create a full work on photoshop, advanced skills will be necessary: photos of a finger decorated on photoshop should look real or at least kind of surrealistic at the end, not like a children painting Image . so, if editing by photoshop, you should know how to transform elements so they look 3-dimensional and so on. I also want to see real photos!

see more info here:

Kypris Athina wrote:
Panagiotis wrote:Reb, I think I didn't get the rules. Can we use photoshop? If yes what can we edit there?

There are three options - you only have to give me information which one you used:

1. you can send me the photo without editing it by photoshop/other program (you can adjust colours and contrast/brightness though if you want to)

2. you can send me a photo of a really decorated finger which you have edited a bit by photoshop/other program - in this case you could have changed the background by photoshop, or maybe you added something to the finger because it couldn't be done in reality etc. but still you had some decoration on your finger indeed when you took the photo, so it's no work only by photoshop.

3. you can create a photo out of photographed pieces, so it's a work created by photoshop/othe program mainly. but in this case it is important: the final result should look real (or surreal in a really artistic way, by doing really crazy things), and not like a children painting at the end. if you don't have much photoshop (or other program) experience, please step back from this option, because your entry might be not included to the voting then. I've set up this rule because it's quite easy to make something like this (see below) - but these are the pictures I don't wanna see (and I am afraid that if I don't forbid this I would get a lot of entries like this.)

Derek wrote:Μεταφραση στα Ελληνικα:

Υπαρχουν τρεις επιλογες. Απλα θα χρειαστει να μου δωσετε πληροφοριες σχετικα με αυτην που επιλεξατε:

1. Μπορειτε να μου στειλετε τη φωτογραφια διχως επεξεργασια με photoshop ή αλλο προγραμμα (επιτρεπετε να τροποποιησετε τα χρωματα και την αντιθεση/φωτεινοτητα αν θελετε μονο)

2. Μπορειτε να μου στειλετε μια φωτογραφια απο ενα αληθινα διακοσμημενο δακτυλο την οποια εχετε επεξεργαστει λιγακι με photoshop ή αλλο προγραμμα. Σε αυτην την περιπτωση μπορειτε να επεξεργαστειτε το φοντο με photoshop ή ισως να προσθεσετε κατι στο δακτυλο επειδη δεν θα μπορουσε να γινει αλλιως στην πραγματικοτητα, κτλ.
Αλλα οπως και να εχει επιβαλλεται να υπαρχει μερικη διακοσμηση στο δακτυλο σας στη μη επεξεργασμενη φωτογραφια, δηλαδη το προιον σας να μην ειναι αποτελεσμα του photoshop και μονο.

3. Μπορειτε να δημιουργησετε μια εικονα απο φωτογραφημενα κομματια ετσι ωστε να ειναι κυριως προιον photoshop ή αλλου προγραμματος.
Αλλα σε αυτην την περιπτωση ειναι σημαντικο το εξης: το τελικο αποτελεσμα πρεπει να δειχνει ρεαλιστικο (ή σουρεαλιστικο με μια καλλιτεχνικη εννοια εχοντας κανει δηλαδη τρελα πραγματα) και οχι σαν μια παιδικη ζωγραφια. Αν δεν εχετε εμπειρια απο photoshop (ή αλλο προγραμμα), παρακαλω απομακρυνθειτε απο αυτην την επιλογη επειδη η συμμετοχη σας μπορει να μη συμπεριληφθει στην ψηφοφορια. Εχω δημιουργησει αυτον τον κανονα επειδη ειναι σχετικα ευκολο να δημιουργηθει κατι σαν αυτο (δες παρακατω) αλλα αυτες ειναι οι φωτογραφιες που δε θελω να δω (και φοβαμαι πως αν δε το απαγορευα αυτο θα λαμβανα πολλες τετοιες συμμετοχες)