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Please use ONE thread for EACH song, and there post music sheets, lyrics and translations all together.

Re: "One Life" Album Lyrics

Postby ARTisWonderful » Sat Aug 30, 2014 6:13 pm

Derek wrote:According to my viewpoint, it's more laudable to post something after having done the effort to check (and occasionally double-check) if the content is appropriate, correct, reliable, on-topic etc because you need to have in mind that the the content will end up being adopted by other users (and you don't want them to have the wrong content and end up sharing the wrong content themselves or learning the wrong lyrics, etc etc...) instead of rushing into sharing whatever you come across on the internet. Besides Chris - being an old member- knows how much misinformation about Helena and how many mistakes about her songs/career facts can be found on the internet therefore he should have been more cautious with his first post on this thread.
So in conclusion, I am much more inclined to be critical over this and less thankful about the fact that he took the initiative to share the content (which is certainly something worth-praising but it naturally gets more praise - and Chris has received that praise in the past multiple times- when more parameters are taken into account by the content-sharer/poster).
I hope you can understand my point of view - if I had more time I would have tried to explain it more accurately. :)

I got it. You don't need to explain it more carefully. It's clear your point of view and I understand you. :) Maybe I change my opinion when I get more experience. I'm a new member, so I thank anything I see because I recognize that I wouldn't be able to do it as well.
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Can Dance The Mambo
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