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Full Forum Policy

Postby Rebi-on-the-Roof » Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:56 am

Welcome to PaparizouForum!
To make sure everyone will enjoy our community, please take your time to read the following guidelines;

If you have any questions about the rules, please ask over in Paparizou Forum - Support Center

General Rules:
1) Everyone on this forum is allowed to have their own opinion about any subject as long as the opinion is expressed respectfully.
2) Offensive and disrespectful comments are not allowed on this board and will result in a series of written warnings followed by a potential ban (depending on the severity of the issue).

Media Rules:
1) Please respect copyrights.
2) You are not allowed to post full Helena Paparizou Albums as this is breaking the law and is against the wishes of the artist. Paparizou Forum fully supports Helena.
3) You are not allowed to post full Helena Paparizou released tracks or music videos/live videos which have been released on official DVDs.
4) Failure to follow any of these above rules will result in you losing your media rights on this forum. Continuous rule breaking will not be tolerated and will result in short or long term ban.
5) Please show your respect towards other members and towards their time by using the search option before requesting videos. Click on search, enter the name of the video and look through the topics displayed.
6) We don't like people using their first post on this forum to do a request.

Comments on photos should be posted in the picture comments thread as opposed to the original photo thread to avoid spam in these threads and make it easier for our members to locate the photos that they desire.

Please don't tag (watermark) photos that are not your own. If you found a photo on internet there's no need to tag it for you! it always looks better without a watermark!

Paparizou Forum offers you loads of videos recorded by our members. If you want to post the links somewhere, ok, but: CREDIT Paparizou Forum

Enjoy your Time here
Your Paparizou Forum Team!
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