On the road to Diggiloo: Helena prepares for the Diggiloo Summer Tour
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Helena has been preparing for the Diggiloo Summer Tour over in Sweden. Check out some of the photo’s from the rehearsals and see more over at Paparizou Forum.

On the road to Diggiloo:

April 27: Diggiloo Workshop begins

Helena: “My friend Magnus uploaded the first pic from the Diggiloo Tour workshop! I’m so excited and happy!



May 25-7: Rehearsals began in Stockholm

June 1-6: Rehearsals in Grebbestad

The first date of the tour in Grebbestad was cancelled due to heavy wind but the tour is due to start on the 13th June in Gothenburg, which is Helena’s home town.

The setlist for the tour will be as follows;

1. Survivor

2. My Number One

3. Die For You

Plus plenty of medleys so stay tuned for more…

Credits to all of the original photo uploaders: Magnus Carlsson, & various Instagram users.

See all of the photos over on Paparizou Forum.