#PaparizouForumExclusive: JD Sports plays Helena in UK Stores
Date 16 Mar 2015 Author PaparizouForum Category News Comments

A song of Helena’s has been heard in JD Sports stores in the UK. The sports retail chain have added ‘Chainsaw’ from Helena’s third English–language album ‘One Life’, to its playlist. This is not the first time retail stores have played Helena’s music. Helena’s 2011 hit ‘Baby It’s Over’ was played worldwide in H&M and ‘Love Me Crazy’ was also played in some markets.

A #PaparizouForumSurvivor who heard ‘Chainsaw’ playing for himself told us more;

“I was walking past one of my local JD Sports stores, there are quite a few here in Nottingham. They are in the centre of the high street and blast the music so you can easily hear it from a distance. I was drawn to the shop as I thought that I recognised the song, only to realise that they were playing Chainsaw. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it.”


The JD where ‘Chainsaw’ was first heard – Clumber Street, Nottingham.

Although this was heard in Nottingham, UK, if it is on the JD Sports playlist then this means that it will be playing in the 800+ stores countrywide and possibly even further. JD’s parent company, Pentland Brands are responsible for the ownership of major sports clothing brands such as Lacoste and Speedo to name a few. This means that Helena could be playing in other brands owned by Pentland Group.

JD Sports and parent company Pentland Brands have been approached for comment.

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