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Seven years ago, on June 12, 2008, Helena released her 5th studio album, ‘Vrisko To Logo Na Zo’ and all of her fans ‘found the reason to live’. In this all inclusive guide, we will take an in depth look at this album and #PaparizouForumSurvivors will be giving their own track by track reviews.


How do #PaparizouForumSurvivors describe this album?

When asked to sum up the album in three words, #PaparizouForumSurvivors described ‘Vrisko to Logo Na Zo’ as;

• ‘Pure, deep, and mature’ – Kostas, Greece.
• ‘Inspiring, therapeutic, and Rocky’ – Anna, Bulgaria.
• ‘Strong, serious and well-rounded’ – Rebecca, Germany.
• ‘Contemporary, inspiring, dreamy’ – Tina, Czech Republic.
• ‘Atmospheric, meaningful and pioneering’ – Martin, UK.
• ‘Ground-breaking, deep and strong’ – David, Spain.
• ‘Smooth, rock and deep (lyrically)’ – Chris, Greece.
• ‘Passion, melancholia and faith’ – Akos, Hungary.


Fun facts
• This album marks the first time that Helena contributed to an album both musically and lyrically.
• It was also the first time that a duet was included on one of her solo albums (Papeles Mojados – Duet with Chambao).
• Three of the 12 tracks on the album are covers (Agapi San Listeia, Papeles Mojados and To His I De To His).
• Helena said that in this album there are some of the hardest songs she has ever sung like “Mathe Prota N’Agapas” which is a powerful ballad.
• This album also marks the first time that “DON – K” (Niclas Olausson and Toni Mavridis) had produced the entire album.
• Helena recorded this album between Greece and Sweden.
• Helena collaborated with songwriters and lyricists that she had collaborated with previously in her career. For example, Giorgos Sabanis who composed ‘To Fili Tis Zois’ went on to compose I Kardia Sou Petra’ and ‘Pirotehnimata’ for this album.
• Yannis Doxas was once again executive producer and lyricist on this album and he had previously the lyrics for the song ‘To Fili Tis Zois’.


The Team behind ‘Vrisko To Logo Na Zo’

• Management Production and Orchestration: DON-K
• Executive Producer: Yannis Doksas

• Vocals: Helena Paparizou, Paola Komini
• Guitars: Esbjorn Orhwall, Mats Berntoft, Foivos Zaharopoulos, Sofie Lindblom
• Drums: Henrik Nordrnback
• Bass: Esbjorn Orwhall, Mats Berntoft, Thanasis Xonthros

• Photography: Kostas Avgoulis (D-Tales)
• Styling: Al Giga (effex+)
• Make up: Giannis Marketakis (effex+)
• Hair Styling: Christos Kallaniotis (effex+)
• Photography Manager: Georgia Mihalopoulou

• Giorgos Sampanis
• Sofi Lindblom
• Toni Mavridis, Niclas Olausson (Known collectively as Don-K)
• Helena Paparizou
• Per Liden
• Aleks Syntek
• Giorgos Moukidis
• Matilda Ekevik
• María del Mar Rodríguez Carnero
• Frank Popp, Sam Leigh Brown & Phillip Noha

• Yannis Doxas
• Eleana Vrahali
• Giorgos Moukidis
• Helena Paparizou
• Antonis Pappas
• Vicky Gerothodorou
• Nikos Gritsis


Style & Artwork

Helena described her album’s style “more rock than ever”. The photography of the cover is from Kostas Avgoulis who represents a new side to Helena that we had not seen before and compliments the pop-rock style of the album.
In an interview on Orange FM on June 2, 2008, Helena stated that ‘Vrisko To Logo Na Zo’ would be released by Sony BMG on June 12, 2008, however, on June 11, 2008 the album was available through online download retailers such as the Greek iTunes. On June 13th, it was released on all major European iTunes.

The TV Advertisement

The Promo Tour

Helena went on an extensive promotional tour in support of the album. The tour of which included (this list is not exhaustive but acts as a guide);

Nitro (May 2008)
Eikones (23 May 2008)
Madame Figaro (June 2008)
Super Katerina Magazine (June 2008)
Pink Woman (July 2008)
DownTown (10 November 2008)
L’Officiel (November 2008)

Radio Interviews
Nitro Radio
Orange FM
MAD Radio

TV Shows


Kafes Me Tin Eleni (June 27th 2008)

Gro Plan

MegaStar (Interview with Katerina Stikoudi to coincide with the release of the Pirotehnimata Music Video)

So You Think You Can Dance (16th June 2008)

Helena performed a selection of new and old hits and danced a sexy tango choreography with one of the judges, Jason Roditis. This was not the last time that Helena was to appear on a dance competition show. She participated as a contestant on Let’s Dance in 2012 in Sweden.



To Party Arhizei (Greek Summer Tour 2008) (with Manos Pirovolakis)


Residency Shows
Iera Odos (with Paschalis Terzis and Manos Pirovolakis) (2008–09)
Thalassa: People’s Stage (with Stavento and 15:50, Pt.2: Loukas Giorkas and 15:50) (Summer 2009)


MAD Video Music Awards

On 17 June 2008, Helena performed at the Mad Video Music Awards 2008 where she won 2 of her 6 nominations. She performed a remix of the song Porta Gia Ton Ourano with Madonna’s 4 Minutes and ‘Mesa Sou’ with the group Stavento.
Porta Gia Ton Ourano (4 Minutes remix)

Mesa Sou (Duet with Stavento)

Track By Track Review by #PaparizouForumSurvivors.

1. “I Kardia Sou Petra” (Η Καρδιά Σου Πέτρα; Your heart like a stone)

Lyrics: Yannis Doxas
Music: Giorgos Sampanis

‘I Kardia Sou Petra’ is the opening track of the album third single that was released. The song was a big radio hit, to the extent that Sony had to delay the release of the next single, Pirotehnimata until Christmas 2008. The music video that was released in July 2008, was directed by Alexandros Grammatopoulos.

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• ‘Since its release, ‘I Kardia Sou Petra’ has had a fixed place within my Helena top 5. The combination of Sabanis & Helena rocks. A song with strong vocals and full of emotion’ – Rebecca, Germany.
• ‘One of the greatest ballads of her career and surely proof that her collaboration with Sabanis was a turning point for her music style. Deep, strong lyrics with excellent music. Generally it was so nicely made that it highlighted Helena’s voice so greatly.(10/10)’ – Kostas, Greece.

2. “Kita Brosta” (Κοίτα Μπροστά; Look forward)

Lyrics: Yannis Doxas
Music: Sofi Lindblom, Toni Mavridis, Niclas Olausson

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• ‘An uplifting song with nice lyrics. Not single-worthy, but still a great album track’ – Rebecca, Germany.
• ‘This song makes me feel optimistic for future. It makes you feel strong feelings and gives you a powerful mood’ – Chris, Greece.
• ‘A very calm and sweet ballad, I liked it from the first listen. As Chris said a very optimistic song and a great atmospheric album track. (8/10)’ – Kostas, Greece.

3. “Porta Gia Ton Ourano” (Πόρτα Για Τον Ουρανό; Door to the sky)

Lyrics: Eleana Vrahali
Music: Per Liden, Toni Mavridis, Niclas Olausson
Porta Gia Ton Ourano was the second single from the album and was released on 8th April 2008. It premiered on Cosmoradio. The music video was directed by Alexandros Grammatopoulos and was filmed on April 8, 2008. In it, Elena appeared with her new style for the first time, this was including her ear to nose chain piercing. The shooting took place in Athens and lasted 48 hours.On April 14, 2008, MAD TV revealed the concept of the music video;

” The new video of Helena Paparizou will be fairly ambient and rock having a central role in that play the elements of rain and the wind. It also contains several symbolic scenes such as feathers that appear suddenly in a telephone box, something similar to those elements that big stars use in their music videos, such as Madonna’s music video “Frozen”.

It made its television premiere on MAD TV’s Mixer Greeks Only at 12:00 am on April 15, 2008. On 16 April the video was played all day, every hour on the hour. On April 19 the “Porta Gia Ton Ourano” music video debuted at number one on MAD TV Top 50 countdown.

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• ‘ When I heard the first seconds on the radio, I immediately knew it must be her new single. Very Helena, well done’ – Rebecca, Germany.
• ‘This song came to me at a difficult time in my personal life and allowed me to ‘find the reason to live’ just as Helena sings in the song. This is one of her best songs by far and I adore the pop-rock style of this song and album more generally. When I first heard this song I did think that it may have been a little bit too rock for my tastes but it turns out that this is one of my favorite Helena songs. – Martin, UK.
• ‘A song that for me was a love from the first listen. I can remember when I first listened to it and watched the video clip back in Easter 2008. My first reaction was that song would be my top song for ages (and indeed it was). Helena’s style was breath-taking, this is her rock image at its very best (10/10)’ – Kostas, Greece.

4. “Pios” (Ποιός; Who)

Lyrics & Music: Giorgos Moukidis

Although this song was re-released in 2012 as the MAD VMA unplugged version, this is the original version of the song.

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• ‘Love this! I love her vocals and the instrumentation. A great song, wouldn’t mind to have more songs like this’ – Rebecca, Germany.
• ‘A really nice, strong ballad, a song that at last became more popular back in 2012 at her performance at VMA (9/10) – Kostas, Greece.
• ‘I prefer the VMA Unplugged version’ (7/10) – Chris, Greece.

5. “Agapi San Listia (Historias De Danzon Y De Arrabal)” (Αγάπη Σαν Ληστεία; Love like a robbery)

Lyrics: Yannis Doxas
Music: Aleks Syntek

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• ‘The most atmospheric song of her career in my opinion. Great cover, really strong lyrics and as I said before a very atmospheric music that made it really special, I think it could be a really nice single, especially back in the day that songs with a more ”elegant” style still had a space in Greek music. My second most beloved song of the album after Porta (10/10)’ – Kostas, Greece.
• ‘Nice track, very cool. Still feels very warm and modern. Stylish!’ – Rebecca, Germany.
• ‘I love it. Rythm from Spain and catchy – 9/10’ – Chris, Greece.

6. “Mathe Prota N’Agapas” (Μάθε Πρώτα Ν’αγαπάς; Learn to love first)

Lyrics: Yannis Doxas and Helena Paparizou
Music: Toni Mavridis, Niclas Olausson, Helena Paparizou

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• ‘I had to take some time to get used to this song. It had too much of a lullaby sound to me in the beginning, but now I adore it’ – Rebecca, Germany.
• ‘A song that didn’t touch me from the first listen, but over time I really loved it. A nice effort from Helena in the song writing department! (7/10)’ – Kostas, Greece.

7. “Ise I Foni” (Είσαι η φωνή; You are the voice)

Lyrics: Antonis Pappas
Music: Per Liden, Toni Mavridis, Niclas Olausson

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• ‘Very strong, I love the music and lyrics, but I am not 100% satisfied with her vocals in it. Sometimes her voice doesn’t sound full enough as it does in most of her other songs’ – Rebecca, Germany.
• ‘Maybe the ‘strongest’ song of the album with regards to it’s vocals. I really liked the fact that the video clip was from her concert. This is another song that didn’t get the recognition that it deserves (9/10)’ Kostas – Greece.

8. “Pirotehnimata” (Πυροτεχνήματα; Fireworks)

Lyrics: Yannis Doxas
Music: Giorgos Sampanis

‘Pirotehnimata’ was the third single from the album and was originally scheduled for release in September but the release date was delayed due to the strong radio airplay for “I Kardia Sou Petra”. In Helena’s interview on Nitro Radio, she announced that a new version of ‘Pirotehnimata’ entitled ‘Pirotehnimata (Disco Hook remix) would be released in order to promote the song in clubs and it would be more upbeat and dance.

The music video for the album was filmed in December at Iera Odos in front of a giant video screen. The video, like ‘Porta’ and ‘Petra’, was once again directed by Alexandros Gramatopoulos. The song was officially released as a radio single on December 22, 2008, while the video will premiere on a special episode of Mega Star on December 27, 2008, ‘Pirotehnimata’ debuted and peaked at number two on the Billboard Greek Digital Singles Chart for the week of January 24, 2008.

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• A club anthem and a great approach from Helena in house music. Very delicate music, poetic and meaningful lyrics and one of her very best music videos. An all-time classic song and a true diamond of her discography (10/10) – Kostas, Greece’.
• ‘This song deserves all of the recognition that it gets and more as it is one of Helena’s best songs and is of international standard. Definitely a career defining moment when Helena again proved herself to be a world-class artist’ – Martin, UK.
• “Pirotehnimata” is the best dance track of the album and the best directed music video between the five released singles – Chris, Greece.
• ‘Like a prayer. Adore the lyrics and her vocals’ – Rebecca, Germany.

9. “De Tha’ Me Do” (Δε Θα ‘Μαι Εδω; I won’t be here)

Lyrics: Vicky Gerothodorou
Music: Toni Mavridis, Niclas Olausson, Helena Paparizou

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
‘I like it, a well done and even better sung track. Not a favourite though’ – Rebecca, Germany.
‘A ballad in the same mood with the others from the album, good lyrics, atmospheric enough, a nice refrain. Not a single, but surely a remarkable song that worth its position on that album (8/10)’ – Kostas, Greece.

10. “Papeles Mojados (Duet with Chambao)” (Wet Papers)

Lyrics: Yannis Doxas
Music: María del Mar Rodríguez Carnero

This song was a duet with Chambao, who are a flamenco-electronic band originally from Málaga, Spain, known for a Flamenco Chill sound that fuses flamenco sounds and palos with electronic music.

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• After ‘Why’, this is Helena’s first song (until today’s ‘Otan Aggeli Klene’)that approaches a social problem (immigration). I really love the intro of the song (chilling enough I think). In some parts was a little noisy indeed, but I really like that it’s close enough to the Spanish-Arabic style of music that I like, and a collaboration that brought her on to the Spanish music scene in the summer of 2008 (7/10)’ – Kostas, Greece.
• ’I like the fact that Helena has collaborated with a Spanish group. Please Helena, do some more Spanish collaborations in the future’ – Chris, Greece.
• ‘I’m not a fan of this one. It is ok, but it’s nothing to die for. It seems too scratchy and noisy to me’ – Rebecca, Germany.

11. “To’Heis I De To’Heis (Hip Teens Don’t Wear Blue Jeans)” (Το ‘Χεις ή Δεν Το ‘Χεις; You have it or you don’t)

Lyrics: Nikos Gritsis
Music: Frank Popp, Sam Leigh Brown & Phillip Noha

This song is a cover of the 2001 song ‘Hip Teens Don’t Wear Blue Jeans’ by The Frank Popp Ensemble.

‘#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
‘I have hated the original English version like nothing else on the radio. But Helena’s version is fantastic, and she saved the song because of the better lyrics (and voice)’ – Rebecca, Germany.
‘The most ‘playful’ song on the album, whilst still fitting in with the other songs. It was based on a very well-known rhythm. Really entertaining song and the highlight is Helena performing it at Theatro Vrachon” in 2008.(8/10)

12. “Mi Mou Milas Gi’ Adio” (Μη Μου Μιλάς Γι’Αντίο; Don’t talk to me about goodbye)

Lyrics: Eleana Vrahali
Music: Matilda Ekevik, Toni Mavridis, Niclas Olausson

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• ‘Maybe the most melancholic song of her whole career and it may be because of that, that I really love it. I remember that in the first moths after buying the album, I couldn’t listen to it more than 3-4 times per month but it has grown on me since then (9/10)’ – Kostas, Greece.
• ‘I like it a bit more than ‘De Tha ‘mai Edo’, but also not a favourite’ – Rebecca, Germany.

Bonus Track

13. “To Fili Tis Zois” (Το Φιλή της Ζωής; Kiss of life)

Lyrics: Yannis Doxas
Music: Giorgos Sampanis

This was the first single from the album and was released on September 26, 2007. The song was the main theme song of the film ‘To Fili Tis Zois and was released on the soundtrack to the film. The song was then added on later as a bonus track to this album. To Fili Tis Zois reached number one in both reached number one on the Greek Airplay Chart for five weeks in Autumn 2007, making it Helena’s most successful song until the release of ‘Baby It’s Over’ in 2011. ‘To Fili Tis Zois’ is the first digital single which was certificated gold in Greece, selling more than 30,000 downloads according to IFPI.

#PaparizouForumSurvivors say;
• ‘The song that opened Helena’s pop-rock era from 2007-2010 and completely changes Helena’s image. This is a really strong pop-rock song that it is successful even today. I fell in love with that song and it was the reason that I became a loyal fan, so this song will always be special for me. The Music video that accompanies this song is breath-taking, with Helena as an Aphrodite-like figure emerging from the sea (10/10)’ Kostas, Greece.
• ‘To Fili tis Zois’ is a game changer for Helena and acts as a turning point in Helena’s career as it really solidified her place as one of the greatest artists of our generation in terms of the Greek music scene – Martin, UK.
• ‘Has never been a favourite but it has always been a song that I like very much. This may be because I dislike the music video and therefore cannot separate them in my mind. However, the song is very Helena. I guess with another music video I’d love it – Rebecca, Germany.

Total length: 49:44

Deluxe Edition


The album was re-released on December 22, 2008 as Vrisko To Logo Na Zo: The Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition comes in a special rectangular case that contains the original CD and case, the summer tour DVD (which was recorded at Theatro Vrachon, Melina Mercouri in Athens on September 19, 2008). The set also featured a bonus poster with various photos from her summer tour. The director is Kostas Kapetanidis and this DVD consists of 19 solo songs performed by Helena and 3 duets performed by Helena, Stavento and Manos Pirovolakis. Furthermore, the DVD includes bonus backstage material, which consists of a Helena’s interview before the concert and the Helena’s rehearsal of the concert. The creative visual was made by MAD TV.

1. Porta Gia Ton Ourano
2. I Kardia Sou Petra
3. Panta Se Perimena (Idaniko Fili)
4. Iparhi Logos
5. Mambo!
6. Alli Mia Fora
7. Teardrops
8. To Fili Tis Zois
9. Agapi San Listia
10. Se Poion Na Miliso
11. Eisai I Foni
12. Mesa Sou (MVA Version) (with Stavento)
13. Anapantites Kliseis
14. Pirotehnimata
15. Treli Kardia
16. Gigolo
17. To ‘Heis I Den To ‘Heis
18. Paradeigmatos Hari
19. Stis Ekklisias Tin Porta (with Marios Pirovolakis)
20. My Number One (with Manos Pirovolakis)
21. Mazi Sou
22. The Light in Our Soul
23. Bonus Backstage Material



• The album reached at number one on the Greek iTunes Store’s Top 10 Albums Chart only three days after its release.
• On the week June 22 to June 28, 2008, the album debuted at number one on the Greek Albums Chart and remained there for five weeks becoming her fourth consecutive number one album.
• The album also charted in Cyprus for five weeks at number two.
• During the week of August 31 to September 6, 2008, the album returned to number one on the albums chart.
• The album was number two on both IFPI’s year-end charts- Top 50 Greek albums of 2008 and Top 50 Greek and Foreign Albums of 2008.



• After its first week in stores, ‘Vrisko To Logo Na Zo’ was certificated Gold by IFPI Greece. This was awarded to Helena on June 25, 2008.

• After almost three months, it was announced on September 1, 2008 that the album was certified Platinum, with the certification party being held on September 16, 2008.

Paparizou Forum Rating: 8.5/10

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With thanks to participating #PaparizouForumSurvivors and specifically our review panel, Chris, Rebecca and Kostas.

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