#WorldClassHelena: Amita Motion’s Positive Energy Day 2012 [Two Years On]
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Two years ago on 21/09/12, Helena participated in Amita Motions’ Positive Energy Day as a special guest. Before her performance, Helena revealed in a mini interview to Mad TV that Playmen had remixed some of her songs. She also said that they were going to perform some covers and the latest single which was then “All The Time”. Before the performance Helena tweeted the following message with accompanying photo;

Before doing the rehearsal with our Playmen for tomorrow’s concert Amita Motion, and we are full of positive energy!

amita motion prova

Helena captivated fans with her beauty and energetic nature during her performance. Her performance was only short at 9 songs (about 30 minutes) but is considered by her fans to be one of her best in recent years. Helena chose to wear an Alexander McQueen dress accompanied by an Yves Saint Laurent belt. She also wore Dolce & Gabbana heels.


  1. I Hate Myself/ Mr Perfect (Remix)
  2. Teardrops (Playmen Remix)
  3. Like A Prayer Vs. Sweat
  4. Rhythm Is A Dancer Vs. Outta My Head
  5. My Number One Vs. Good Feeling
  6. Baby It’s Over Vs. Turn Me On
  7. Katse Kala Vs. Outta Your Mind
  8. Smells Like Teen Spirit
  9. All The Time feat Courtney & Riskykidd


Positive Energy Day was on September 21 and for the first time in 2012, it took place simultaneously in both Athens and Thessaloniki. The artists whom performed alongside Helena in Athens were Melisses, Playmen, Demy, Stan, Vegas, Midenistis and Panic Crew and finally Eleni Foureira. The presenter was Themis Georgantas in Athens. While in Thessaloniki, the performers that took to the stage were Goin’ Through, Onirama, Stavento, Ivi Adamou, Kokkina Halia and Myronas Stratis. The special guest in Thessaloniki was Paola and the show was presented by Mary Sinatsaki.

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