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[huge_it_portfolio id=”2″]Hey Survivors,

#WorldClassHelena is the new interactive project organised by Paparizou Forum! Its objective is to understand what every Survivor considers to be the essence of Helena’s career, what every Survivor prefers in her body of work through the years, basically what every Survivor would call a defining moment in Helena’s career so far.

#WorldClassHelena is a social media project and the fan favorite material (songs, music videos, pictures, performances, quotes, clippings, etc) as co-determined by all of you will be presented on all of our social media profiles (on a regular basis – perhaps twice or three times a week) with interesting facts and vivid descriptions provided on the attached material whenever needed.

Here’s how to participate;

-Post your own #WorldClassHelena moments on your own social media profiles (just make sure you don’t forget the hashtag).

-Provide lists of your top favorite songs/music videos/live performances/Helena quotes/etc here (the #WorldClassHelena moments that are commonplace for many Survivors will enter our priority checklist)

-Present your own #WorldClassHelena moment with a short and catchy description and we will quote it on one or more of our social media profiles. You will be credited of course.

-Provide your tips on how to make this project interesting for all of you here

So what are you waiting for? Participate Now –